Sunram Construction, Inc.
Phone: 763-420-2140
Fax: 763-494-3951
20010 75th Avenue North
Corcoran, MN 55340
Sunram Construction was started as a part time business venture in 1978. Starting
out Sunram Construction was a landscaping company.
 In the summer of 1983 turned
into a full time business.
 At that time, the construction of wooden timber retaining
walls filled the work schedule, and Lee, the founder of the company, was working on
all the job sites.  As the company grew, so did the types of projects completed.  In
1986 the first modular concrete block retaining wall systems were being developed.  
Sunram Construction was among the first to install these products.  These products,
with the ease of installation and long term durability the offered, helped to
revolutionize the retaining wall industry.  
In the 90's the company grew do to the
modular block retaining wall systems.  This gave way to the ability for Sunram
Construction to go from all residential projects to more city and state projects as well
as other larger scale projects.
As new retaining wall products and technology have
become available for use, Sunram Construction has been there to offer the benefits
of these new construction methods and products to their customers.

25 years later, Sunram Construction finds itself involved with many projects that go
beyond the scope of retaining wall construction.  Sunram Construction continues to
view the construction of retaining walls as the cornerstone of their business, but
recognizes the additional need of their customers.  The skills of Sunram
Construction's employee's in the field
are excellent. The quality of products and the
longevity of Sunram Construction can thank the longevity of it's employee's
and the
ever increasing number of tools they have to work with have resulted in the
construction of some outstanding projects.

In 2004 Ryan Sunram became Project Manager. He has worked his way though the
ranks.  He is ready to continue in the excellence that Sunram Construction continues
to achieve.

The Sunram Construction of today has a wide variety of construction services to
offer.  Further exploration of Sunram Construction's website help to illustrate the
services and products available.